Dax Pounds on Cyber-Bullying Message in Joker

Dax Joker

It’s been barely 4 months since Dax released his E.P, “I’ll say it for you”. Interestingly, the musical art says a lot for everyone in the society, it ponders on the numerous queries that lies in the tongues on both believers and non-believers. To not entirely diverge the audience, Dax’s choice of words talks also about his personal struggles between self-esteem, love, pain and life-after-death.

Dax album
Dax holds the artwork of his E.P, “I’ll say it for you”

Daniel Nwosu Jnr Popularly staged as “Dax”, the Nigerian-Canadian Hip-Hop Artist and YouTuber representing the Igbo culture as owned an audience of his own that steadily keeps eager for every new side of the artiste.

Dax emphasizes repeatedly about his being a believer but acknowledges the few scenarios where he has had to doubt his beliefs. The British-Nigerian is one of the few rappers that speaks on cyber-bullying, fame, self-righteousness in his music. To exemplify this, Dax sometimes declares taking time off digital platforms just to avoid the toxic and negativity it produces to an entertainer’s craft.

Dax Joker Music Artwork

Two weeks ago, Dax released a new single titled “Joker” a recreation of the famous comic villain, “Joker” starred in DC comic movie by Joaquin Phoenix earlier this year. Similarly, Dax portray how bullying affects a whole cycle in the society leading to almost 19% of its victims attempting suicide.

With over 5 million YouTube views, the Joker track talks about how self righteous humans tend to believe when in fact we are all committing the same vices, it just only reaffirms the line that says, “you’re only guilty when you’re caught”. With everyone glued to their phone these days, a lot of people get caught up with likes and retweets as the ultimate. Negativity and savagery as become a norm so often that when the table turns, we eventually reap what has been sowed. Dax pounds on the point that people go the extra mile just to disrespect another person’s opinions like creating fake profiles to perform this act but nevertheless to hate another person means a person hates himself so badly.

Knowing what the Joker figure is like, Dax speaks that even though the internet makes a person feel so different and weird, there’s a million people in the world that feels the same way or share the same views.

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