Dear Diary: I have fallen in love with my ex again!

Fallen in Love

Dear ERN Diary,

Why do I always ruin everything that’s good for me? I probably ask myself that question every time— and it never seems to end!

I’m falling for my ex.

It sounds silly, I know.

But it is the reality I must face.

Jumoke and I were University sweethearts, and my time with her was one of the best for me. She was sweet, considerate and everything you could ever ask for as a man. You are probably wondering why we broke up if all this was true. She got a scholarship to study abroad, and while the first couple of months went fine, we soon drifted apart. Far apart.

In no time we started having arguments; unnecessary ones, and before you knew it we decided to let it die a natural death.

I have since moved on, and I am currently with Ayobami, who by the way is a really nice girl.

So what’s my problem?

Well, Jumoke recently came back to the country, and we’ve been in touch. It started out as friendly conversations but between the boredom of the lockdown and us reminiscing on the past, those feelings started rekindling. We met up when the lockdown was lifted, and it was amazing. What’s more is that it was completely mutual! That kiss confirmed it all.

She wants us to get back together. And I do not know how to say no. Because I don’t want to say no. The problem is Ayobami; whom I planned to settle down with before all this. I have even met her family.

What do I do?

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