How to manage your 9-5 and side hustle effectively

I used to wonder why folks struggle with being consistent and effective at multi tasking until recently when i got a new job then i realized it is easier said than done. Juggling between a 9-5 and side hustles has been really crazy and tedious for me especially when you have to be highly productive at both. The epileptic economy situation in Nija is one that automatically requires you to juggle several hustles to make a honest and decent living.

Just so you know, i still struggle with being 100% at my 9-5 and side hustles , howbeit, there are a couple of hacks and tips that has worked for me for the last 3 months and i feel it is only right i share them with you. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Create a schedule for your 9-5 & side hustle

You must have heard it this a thousand times by now but creating a schedule and abiding diligently by it is key to you having a balance. Irrespective of what your job or side hustles entails, dividing your time into realistic chunks daily will make balancing the two more doable. It is a no brainer that your job comes first, hence the schedule entails the minutes, hours or days you will commit to working on your other job.

Creating a schedule has helped me in dividing my time 2-4 times a week in order to create different contents for the pages i manage. It will ne difficult to pull this through and this leads me to the second hack.


There is no special hack around managing your 9-5 and side hustles which doesn’t include sacrifice, it is tough. You are going to be mentally and physically exhausted, social life will take a hit, some things in your life will take the back seat. But once you realize and accept this new reality, adopting and adapting makes it work.

Personally, Saturday evenings and sundays are my only chilled days even though sometimes there are impromptu events that needs my expertise on such days.

P.S : It is advisable that whatever it is you’re doing shouldn’t drastically affect your rest or sleep, It is only a healthy body that can make and spend money.


Sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones to covid-19, one thing the pandemic brought to us is the new reality of working from home. This hack is for those who still work 2-3 times from home weekly. The flexibility of working hours has changed, those days when you work from home might be a perfect opportunity to push more time to your side hustles.

Whether you are a baker, freelance writer or graphic designers , pushing your orders to days when you work from home works like magic. You are at liberty to attend to multiple stuff without HR or your colleagues raising an eyebrow.

Another form of flexibility is employing an intern or extra hand if you can afford it. Your intern can manage your schedule or your online presence or take orders or basically do the basic things while you focus on the critical aspect of the hustle.


Here is the gist, how do you quantify all of those efforts you are putting into your side hustles if you ain’t making money? One of the key reason while you started the side gig is to obviously make money and when the money isn’t coming, things might go south. Hence setting key performance indicators or targeted monetary goals will help you track how well you are faring on the sides.

Not only how well you’re doing but also what aspects of your entrepreneurial work you need to improve the most.

Budget for flex and stress

At this point, you might ponder ; why money for flex is on the list? We are so caught up on the life that we forget to celebrate little wins. Whenever you meet your targets for the month or for the quarter, it is advisable you treat yourself to a gift or meal or drink that won’t hit your profits.

This gesture is to applaud yourself for a job well done. You are your own biggest fan, no one else will do that for you.

Rewarding yourself after meeting send positive signals to your mental state, it will gravitate to do apply more pressure to your side hustle.

These are basically the hacks that has been working for me for the past couple of months, i hope it does likewise for you.

If you’d like to banter more about this or football, sports, movies, Tv series and the likes, you can find me on twitter @Theoluwafemi__ .

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