JayPink: Unveiling a Mosaic of Musical Genres


“Music has always been a part of me. I’ve been singing since as far back as I remember. I wrote my first song when I was still in Primary 4” she says enthusiastically, twirling her braids as she speaks

When you first meet JayPink, you’re hit with a wave of exoticism. It could be from the twinkle in her eyes when she speaks about her music, or her calm display; which belies her bubbly personality. Or it could be the fact that she speaks to you like an old friend would.

JayPink (Real name Martha James) hails from Kogi State. A graduate of Mass Communication from Kogi State University and based in Lagos, Nigeria, JayPink cites music as her greatest passion; going as far as calling it her full-time love.

When asked how she would describe her sound, she bluntly says it’s afro pop. But moments of silence pass before she breaks into a soft laugh. “Okay, that’s not fair. It’s way more than that. But let’s go with afro-pop”. True to her words, her creations have an element of everything. “You could call it a rainbow. I think I like to add a bit of everything to my music. That way I can get the best of everything; and that’s what music really is — Everything!”


JayPink’s first song ‘Alright’ was released in 2014. She describes that year as the year she fully took music as her ‘main gig’. She would go on to record and release more songs, following up her first single with “Na God” in 2017.


2018’s “Naija Jollof” would mark her entry into dancehall, further establishing her diverse grasp of music. In 2019, JayPink released “Home”, a sultry, guitar and violin filled offering; a song that makes you instantly abandon any feelings of wanderlust and heads you right back to wherever home is (even if you’re already home). Her latest project, ‘Mawedo’, available on music stores for purchase, is JayPink’s biggest exploit, which she says is taking all of her musical energy.

But that’s not all. JayPink’s musical wrapsheet consists of other bangers from the 24 year old singing siren. “Bounce”, “Adura” and “One Day” line up on her list of creations.

JayPink cites long time producer friend NollyGriffin as one of her biggest influences. “His magic hands on productions help bring out the best in my music”.


“I think I just take life as it comes, but also deliberately too. It’s too short to stress over, and it’s equally too short to take too lightly, if you get what I mean” she says, when asked about her mantra for life. Ask her what her biggest flex is and she says “to just enjoy life, man” with a smile at the corner of her lips.

What Else?

JayPink is an avid TikTok user, having discovered the reel app as a timely companion during the lockdown thanks to the Corona pandemic. When she’s not making videos, she’s working on new projects; citing a music video for Mawedo as her major priority. Beyond that, she spends her time  stuffing her face in chocolates and pampering herself.

You can listen to JayPink’s music on her Audiomack profile here

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