SUGAR RUSH: The Movie Review

sugar rush

DOES SUGAR RUSH DELIVER THE SWEET GOODS? or is it a little too bland in taste?

From the get-go, Sugar Rush sets the tone for the pace that is very much evident for the rest of the film’s duration. From the moment you see the three Sugars; Bola, Sola and Susie played by Bimbo Ademoye, Bisola Aiyeola and Adesua Etomi-Wellington respectively, swinging from a torture room ceiling, you’re gripped in a never ending cycle of hysterics, comedy, intrigue and tension.

Tobi Bakare’s Andy, Idowu Phillip’s Rhoda, Banky W’s Anikulapo are a sight to watch. Toke Makinwa’s Gina is surprisingly menacing, adding to the flair of it all. The blend of characters is nice, and much of the interactions are not forced. That is a very good sign, at least.

Low points? Williams Uchemba’s Obum begs the question of why this man still gets offered roles in the Nigerian movie industry. Just another pointer to Nollywood’s penchant for stat padding.

Honorable Mention: Nice to see Mawuli Gavor, Lateef Adedimeji and Omoni Oboli on screen again.

Overall Verdict: For a 2 Hour (we’re not adding bathroom breaks or trips to the fridge) tale about high risks and shopping sprees with wads of cash like its a music video, Sugar Rush is fantastical, and attempts to spread its wings in a cramped room of cliche characters, tropes and storylines. It attempts a decent moral scrutiny of the upper strata of the Nigerian high class. Etomi’s acting is yet again impeccable (suck it, twitter), Ademoye is electrifying as always, and Aiyeola is one to watch for days. Nice touch with the mafia drama, Mario Puzo would be impressed. There is, yet again, hope for Nollywood.

Rating: We give Sugar Rush a 3.5/5.0 on the Raw-O-Meter.

SIDENOTE: If you’re just trying to enjoy a movie, try not to think about much of it. It helps. Greatly ;-).

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