Talent or Hardwork: One for Another, The Other for One

Talent and Hardwork

One of the biggest arguments that never seems to have any domineering side, at least not for long , is the Messi vs. Ronaldo (or Ronaldo vs. Messi backed by Talent or Hardwork) because we’re not picking sides here [sic] argument. It is such a testy argument that it transcends the very scope of football, or sports in general, so much that there probably isn’t a being who has never heard of or participated in debating this face off.

The most prominent dimension of this argument lies in the ‘talent’ or ‘hardwork’ angle. For the sake of those who don’t know, even though we highly doubt the existence of such a person, this refers to the age old positing that the difference between these two gods of soccer is that Messi is all talent, and Ronaldo is simply hardwork. We asked a few people what they thought about this.

Princely X, journalist and Minister of Love and Light hops on the table to first state that it is silly to imply that Ronaldo has no talent at all; stating that that is what the ‘talent vs hardwork’ narrative stands for. He says

“There is no way Ronaldo has gotten to where he is, achieved what he has achieved just from hardwork. See, a lot of people might disagree but let’s make no mistake. Ronaldo may work hard. He may train or put his all in harder than most, but the levels he’s attained were also made possible by the fact that he’s super talented”

Wisdom, sugarboy and sports enthusiast, agrees.

“I am a huge Barcelona fan, and by extension a natural Messi fan. When I’m asked who is better between the two, no doubt I’m going for Messi. Who wouldn’t? But when the issue of talent and hardwork come into play, that’s where I draw the line. This comparison is only possible because both Ronaldo and Messi possess talent and are hardworking. Anyone that says otherwise clearly should stick to watching the back of the television”.

It’s nearly impossible to ever really settle the debate on who is better between Messi and Ronaldo. Messi’s swift moves, jersey hanging, ankle breaking dribbles and near impenetrability amongst other skills have produced some of the most amazing scenes in football that the world has ever, or will ever see. Ronaldo’s peak human physique, set piece prowess (don’t forget that famous CR7 celebration) and unbelievable influence on or off the pitch leaves jaws dropping. It’s clear these two are in an entirely separate world of their own, miles apart from any other comparison. Both are highly talented and work hard in their own respectives, and perhaps this is just why there never seems to be an end to the argument.

Or is there? Do you disagree? What are your thoughts?

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