The Bird App Twitter NG: Good, Bad and Ugly Ones.

bird app twitter

Social media is now considered an ubiquitous part of life, widely used by both consumers and brands. For most people, it’s the first and last thing they do each day. While the popular Bird App Twitter started as a mini blog to connect with friends and strangers, sharing of thoughts etc it has exploded into various things that has shaped and reshaped the thoughts process and actions of the users both online and offline.

TwitterNG has grown over the years to become a significant part of the Nigeria society. It has subtly influenced decision making in the political space, work space, relationships and otherwise. Not only has it changed lives for good, it has also sprung up a new form of bullying, influencers, trolling or as we love to call it dragging, gbas gbos.

Sections of TwitterNG

Fervent twitter users would concur that there are unwritten sections on TwitterNG and no this is not a class thing but it is what it is. Just like when you walk into party, the first faces you look for are your friends or your host, the same logic applies here. Some of the eye catching sections will be discussed briefly in no particular order.

Business/Brands/Job Seekers

This is arguably the biggest part of TwitterNG. It has opened up a whole range of opportunities for entrepreneurs, small and top brands to create quality awareness about their products and services. It has provided an almost instantaneous two-way conversation between the consumer and brand. I started my side hustle on twitter during the end of 2018 and the results have been encouraging and fantastic.

There have been series of testimonies from tweeps who got employed as a result of their interaction on the Timeline or from job posts. Many also have gotten paid and unpaid scholarships on the TL, legit guidelines on relocating to other developed countries. A big shout out to @MomentsWithBrien who is a sure plug for all forms of scholarships you didn’t know existed.

Football Twitter

Banter, Dangote, CR7 vs Messi (I Stan CR7 lol) are the major talking points of football twitter. The TL is always agog when there’s footballing actions across the top leagues in Europe. Every other trending topics take the backseat when football is in motion, no other section can rival these tweeps. The trolling, memes, gifs when Chelsea, United, Liverpool, Barca, Madrid or Arsenal lose a match is always epic and serves as comic relief for neutrals or opposing teams.

Mob Mentality

These set of tweeps consciously ensure they deliberately miss the point of every tweet or thread because of the large number of engagements they get. They engage in what I call recreational outrage. They attack you vehemently for having a different opinion from theirs, their thinking is narrow minded and rigid. They are constituting nuisance daily on the TL. Avoid them at all cost

Feminist Twitter

Either you like or dislike them, they have done an exceptional job in bringing about positive changes in the way we perceive females on and off the TL.  Equity is what we all should clamor for both male and female and they are doing a good job promoting their course. Although there are a few ones whose views seem extreme and illogical.

Political Twitter

Politics rose to the zenith during the pre 2015 general elections. It became an avenue for high antics, lobbying and propaganda for individuals who craved political appointments.  The Apc vs Pdp debacle also heightened the conversations on political twitter. Nigerians recently turned it to a form of checks and balances that serve as a watchdog on government policies, responsibilities and decision making.

Relationship Twitter

Man is an emotional being who was wired to socialize and associate with others. Twitter became a veritable tool for that and many long lasting relationships have been formed. Single people are always peppered with the constant and unending PDA that goes on the TL. It has also sprung up hot and juicy gist like the “ Berger to Ajah” incidence that rocked the TL for weeks and even became contents for radio and TV stations.

Buzz Words

Words like ‘Oluwa Wetin dey happen’, ‘God When’,  ‘Anon’, ‘Gbas Gbos’, ‘Clout’,  ‘Toxic’, ‘Normalise’, ‘Okoto meow’, ‘Drag’ and the likes have become an integral part of a tweep. Relationship Twitter made ‘God when’ the most used word because of PDA, Entrepreneur folks made ‘Anon’ popular and my favorite is Gbas Gbos and Dragging. Nobody is above Gbas Gbos or being Dragged on twitter, not even the president of the country can escape this. Recently, celebrities have been at the receiving end of being dragged for stepping out of line.


Engagement is a key aspect of twitter and these folks attract the highest numbers daily. Either they are celebrities, career coaches, sports men and women etc their high numbers of followers attract traffic to their mentions.

Apart form celebrities, oaps and the like who gained popularity outside twitter, there are those who became popular on the TL because of their witty, constrictive, educative, informative or savage posts. They charge brands huge fees to promote their goods and services. The race to becoming an influencer has become shady for those who wants to it the way, their form of engagements is watery, irritating and myopic. For this purpose we say a big shout out to @OgbeniDipo @Maziibe who are using their TL to Educate and bring smiles to the TL.

For this purpose, as toxic as TwitterNG can be, I’m so glad that over the years, it has made me learn, unlearn and relearn so many things that has transformed my life for good. With that being said, it is pertinent you take a break from it sometimes because it can be emotional or psychological draining.

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