The Largest Growing Tech Community in Africa “TECH TRYBE AFRICA” is Launched in Lagos, Nigeria

TechTrybe Africa, a company dedicated to unleashing the power of technology to transform African youths, businesses and organizations has just been launched. As the largest growing online tech community in Africa, they are on a mission of raising a new generation of African youths who
will not just consume or study about technology, but become leading players in global technological
innovations to solve problems in the society.
While technology has been known as the major source of development, the African continent has rather
been more of consumers rather than contributors to the global technological advancement. Many African
youths, businesses and organizations also seem to be bereft of technological skills and knowledge to
leverage technology to skyrocket their growth. With passion for technology, media and entertainment, Kunbi Black, Founder of TechTrybe Africa decided to initiate a company that will become the number one African tech community to groom African youths from a very tender but sensitive age about the entire concept of technology through online and offline trainings, seminars, conferences, internships, workshops, festivals, TV shows and much more.
“From a humble beginning, we began to garner attention from businesses, media houses and the public.
TechTrybe Africa now has a whooping 16,000 followers on Instagram and 12, 000 followers on Twitter
with a growing audience on Facebook and Linkedin,’’ says Kunbi Black, CEO of TechTrybe Africa. “Our
website, has also become the main tech related news and education platforms
providing high value and relevant content for people across the African continent.
TechTrybe Africa has also initiated a set of projects that are making waves in high schools, tertiary
institutions, the business community and the general public. The following entails some of the projects
that they are currently running: TechTrybe STED School Club, Techtrybe Campus Tech Fest, TechTrybe TV Show, TechTrybe Academy, TechTrybe Africa Community, TechTrybe Digital Services.
TechTrybe Africa is located on Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos-Nigeria. To join this forum, schedule
seminars, trainings, partnerships, events or book for their digital services, send an email via, call
via phone at +234 902 314 7984. For more information about their projects visit their social media platforms and their site at
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