#EndSARS The Official Protest Guide

Here’s What You Can Do To #EndSARS

Now, more than ever, every single Nigerian has to contribute efforts to form a collective voice as we aim to push out and eliminate the menace that is the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

Thousands of Nigerians are already out on the streets to voice out our demands; which are to end SARS and reform the Police in Nigeria. But for every Nigerian out there, there are two still at home, not sure of what to do to help in the protests.


If being out there in the thick of it is not a possibility for you or you want to do more than protest; here’s a list of things you can do, as an individual and as a professional in your chosen field. No matter your location or status, there is something you can do.

  • Art is an expressive form. And with art, you hold the power to convey serious and important messages. As an artist, you could paint a mural on the streets of your city; a monument to remind everyone that passes by what the #EndSARS protests stand for. Remember the George Floyd murals during the BLM protests? They’re immortalizations of the movement. You could also network with other artists to create a giant mural or several art pieces.
  • If you’re into Printing and Branding Media, you could channel this into branding shirts or masks for the #EndSARS movements either for free of at discounted prices. This helps the cause become extremely mobile; and more people get to jump on the #EndSARS train. Exposure is key in this war.
  • Got a refrigerator or freezer? Know someone who does? Maybe you’re a pure water seller or run an iceblock factory? Your services could very well be useful. You could help quench the thirsts of protesters around you; keeping them cool and refreshed. Revitalized protesters are active protesters.
  • Have access to wheels? Perfect. You could help ship protesters from pickup locations to protest locations. You could also be the deciding factor in how protesters can get out of protest locations when things get out of hand.
Feminist Coalition #EndSARS
  • Do you have a way with words? Know how to spin a perfect story and inform at the same time? Now, more than ever, that skill is pivotal to this cause. A lot of people out there still do not know what we’re fighting for. You can fix this. Compose and disseminate broadcast messages (especially for WhatsApp; let’s take this beyond Twitter), draft emails to be sent to international media bodies and legislators. With your words, we can determine just what gets out there as the news. Write the truth like your life depends on it. It actually does.
  • YouTube Content Creator? Your channels are the tv stations of this movement. Convert them and host live coverages of the protests where you can; we need to document the truth as it happens. Help keep others up-to-date and informed.
Professions against #EndSARS
  • If you’ve got a fairly large or massive following on social media, utilize it. Even if it’s an account with small followership, so long as you push the #EndSARS #EndSARSNow #EndSARSImmediately #SARSMustGo #SARSMustEnd hashtags, you are an influencer. Get those hashtags to the top of the trend list. Get others involved. Our strength is in our numbers.
  • Students, especially law students, you can volunteer for organizations handling litigations for protesters that have been arrested. You can make the release process for our comrades all the much easier. No man left behind.
  • We already have doctors, paramedics and nurses helping to keep protesters safe, but we could never have too much. If you can, lend a helping hand in as many locations as you can. Keep the protesters healthy and in top shape. Med Students can assist as well. We need all hands on deck.
  • Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer! We need as many hands as we can get. Especially when it comes to providing relief materials and first aid where necessary. If you can, help where necessary.
  • Fluent in local languages? Yoruba? Hausa? Igbo? Ibibio? Efik? Urhobo? Your skill set is everything right now. A lot of the people who think this is a baseless fight think so because they can not understand. Some are not even on social media so they don’t know what is truly going on. Let’s resolve that. You can bridge the gap, and bring the real grassroots into this. Speak to people in their languages, get them informed, get them on board.
  • A picture speaks a thousand words, and we need to get as many words out there as we can. If you have a camera, or can use one, you can document and cover the protests as they happen. Pictures bring in more interest, and they’re easier to share, so Let’s get those cameras rolling.
Protestants of #EndSARS
  • For this one, you do not even need to be a skilled Artist. All you need to do is pick up a piece of cardboard; write the names of our fallen comrades, let their names be remembered. Let’s get justice for them.
  • Do you work in a religious institution? A church? A mosque? Get the protest into these places. Find a way to project the hashtag. Get people in the religious communities involved. We are all affected, no one is left untouched.
  • Craftsmen have a huge role to play as well. Everyday our protesters are being attacked with tear gas cannisters and water cannons. Tailors and fashion designers  can fashion out fabrics to help reduce the effects on protesters from left over materials. We need more masks and face shields. Protester protect is key. Mechanics, metal works, panel beaters and Carpenters can work up barriers, shields and roadblocks from scrap metal and wood as well.
  • Sign petitions. Especially the one banning politicians from traveling out of the country until #EndSARS is no longer a hashtag but a reality
  • Donate. Donate. Donate. Whatever you can, nothing is too small. Fund data for social media campaigns. Fund refreshments and relief materials for protesters. Fund petitions. Just donate.
  • Always use the hashtags. No matter what. You don’t even have to be saying anything. Just use the hashtags #EndSARSNow #EndSARS #EndSARSImmediately #EndPoliceBrutality #SARSMustGo #SARSMustEnd
  • Talk to your elderly. If we can win them over, we have a substantial force on our side. Get them informed and educated. The #EndSARS movement is not a support of crime. It’s a clamour for the protection of our lives and an end to injustice and persecution we face from SARS.
  • Lastly, RETWEET. RETWEET. And when you’re done, RETWEET SOME MORE. It is never enough.

Together we can change the status quo. Together we can dictate how we want to live our lives. Together we can end the oppression.

#EndSARS #EndSARSNow #EndSARSImmediately #EndPoliceBrutality #SARSMustGo #SARSMustEnd

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