The Return of Jesse Jagz and The Garba EP

Jesse Jagz Garba EP

The Garba EP marks the reappearance of Jesse Jagz in a long while, It is apparent to say that within the years of Jesse Jagz non-display of musical craft, the music industry has received the likes of Dremo, Ycee, even Falz The Bahd Guy.

Jesse Garba Abaga, who is the brother to prolific rapper, MI Abaga makes a comeback into the rap scene titled his middle name “GARBA”. The rapper details each track on the extended playlist with each letter from “GARBA”. The E.P containing just five tracks and two features with, Anchorman and Mr Murph.

The Garba EP Tracklist
The Garba E.P Tracklist


The album opens with the “G” track, where Anchorman gives an interlude of poetic justice on the conception of life and it being consumed by warfare which may result to an end in mankind. Anchorman closes with a quick question,

 “What legacy will you pass on before you pass on?”. Now that’s worth pondering upon, don’t you think so?

Jesse Jagz recognizes that our experiences as a child reflects on our present livelihood. The “G” track verses reminisces on his mindset, upbringing, family and music career in general. The rapper talks about how growing up without a father is not transient on the responsibility to father a son, ‘a responsibility that is sometimes self-taught and never inherited’. 

In the “G” track contains Jesse Jagz acclamation of MI Abaga as the “One” rapper in the industry and himself as “Big Papa”. His exit from Choc City to ride solo, the pressure and expectations that consumed him afterwards. The 7 minutes track is an entire overview of what to expect from the tracks on the Garba EP. 


The second track on the album “A” explicitly talks about his hometown, Jos. “J town” as Nigerians call it; is an acronym for Jos, the capital of Plateau state. Since the days of the first crew that spearheaded the Choc Boyz label hailed from Jos as they stormed the music industry. Jesse Jagz declares himself with prestigious such as acts like John Legend, Tupac Shakur, James Brown amongst rappers who have hailed from Jos.

“J-town rocks, J-town sweater and my J-town socks. 

My J-town pops sent me to high school with a fake brown box. 

Now when J drops, J town stops”

Jos is known for its cold weather and rocky environment. Living in J town would prove that one would have to adapt quickly as events happen swiftly and death could be near any event. Reminiscing on his days of playing on the rocky mountains in Jos, the police brutality, murder cases, gang related wars, political issues and no functional healthcare system. “A” gives a pictorial idea of what living in J town feels like and the social-political decadence in the state.


Featuring Mr. Murph on the “R” track which appears third on the GARBA EP. The track eulogizes the rapper as one of the many few rappers with pure lyrical taste when it comes to rappers in the rap scene. The Fuji built song fuses Yoruba with Jesse Jagz lines as it promises to be one of the top songs to have been released within the month.

With no display of bad lyrical content in Jesse’s discography, many would attest that “R” is a well-deserved anthem to sing the praises of Jesse Jagz records.

The phrase “Jaga leleyi” could storm the streets soon enough as a slang for the audience tied to Jesse Jagz just like we have had “Gbese”, “Jiggy” and a couple more.


In “B” track, Jesse Jagz raps about his love escapades on how each of his exes had one or more feature tied to expensive lifestyles or his struggles for limelight.

“Even if shawty run away, I bet you she’ll come back another day. Some say the river will follow another way so I kick back and roll another J”, the recurrent chorus.

The “B” track on the GARBA EP only goes to express how women only care about the rosy moments, hence the reason for many breakup in relationships but all these eventually changes when riches are visible.

TRACK 5 “A.”

The extended playlist closes with “A.”, as much as this brings about a confusion with the second track on the Garba EP because of the ambiguity it poses in distinguishing between two track titles that share the same alphabet (A). The final track “A.” appears as the last alphabet in “GARBA brings a flashback to the year, Jesse Jagz featured Wizkid on the “Bad Girl” in 2013 as “A.” portrays a more similar love feeling but on a rather slower tempo.

This may not be a love song but the beat sure would get you in a type of mood or feeling. As Jesse verses talks about everything in life being fine and not worrying about too many disappointments. The “A” track could definitely pass as a song to comfort yourself during the low moments.

The Garba EP is a comeback for Jesse Jagz that the fans have looked forward to for a long time now. It delivers a sense of joy to know that Jesse Jagz is finally re-appearing on the scene and fans only look forward to more lyrical contents from the craftsman.

Share with us your favorite track(s) on the Garba E.P, we would love to hear!

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