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Welcome along to another couple of minutes distraction from what is going on around Nigeria and the world right now. Although If you’re a Trump and BuBu fan, this might not be the best of times for you but as the popular phrase on TwitterNG will have it “We Moveeeeeee” *chuckles*

While you subscribe for all the stuff you know you like occasionally on streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Hulu and the likes. Every now and then, there is something new on those platforms. But how do you know the new stuff that is for you from the stuff for someone else?

Not to worry, here are a few titles you can binge this weekend at your convenience which in turn will be a good value for your time and data.

The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen's Gambit: Series
Image source: Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit is a limited series about (Beth Harmon played by the beautiful Anya Taylor- Joy), a young chess prodigy whose astonishing talent is awkwardly discovered by a janitor during her time in the mid century American orphanage. She plays her first game at age 8, her senses gets sharper, her thinking clearer and for the first time in her life she feels herself fully in total control.

Beth contends with the nostalgia upbringing, constant sexism, loneliness and mental illness. The show has many parts, one of which is how the all consuming game of Chess can be a refuge for troubled mind and from the outside world. Other common parts of the series is how it addresses themes like addiction, family, loneliness, alcoholism, success and friendship.

The Queen's Gambit: Series

The dialogue, plot, theme are unique and refreshing. It isn’t the cliche stuff you see daily on your screens and that is what makes it an interesting watch. The fashion and costuming is fantastic, the attention to details is impeccable(Most of Beth’s outfits are centered on the colours of a chess board) The series title is a fundamental strategy in chess to put your opponent under immense pressure at the start of the game.

Not all series and movies based on book adaptations tick all the boxes, however, the Queen’s Gambit ticks all the boxes and more which you can think of. The runtime for the Queen’s Gambit is 393 minutes.

The Queen's Gambit

Hats off to a fantastic performance from Anya Taylor-Joy which is worthy of an Emmy nomination. She excellently carried the show on her shoulders and bodied Beth’s role accurately. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her on my screen.

P.S: Be warned that during and after binging, the curiosity on wanting to know how to play chess might set in. The reviews from those who have seen it has made it one of the best series of 2020. IMDB rates it an 8.9/10, 100% for rotten tomatoes.

If you don’t enjoy this exciting drama, you can find me on twitter @TheOluwafemi__ let’s have a go at it.

The Undoing

The Undoing: Series

From the stables of the ever vibrant HBO comes ‘The Undoing’ a limited 6 episode series which tellls the story of Grace Fraser played by the legendary Nicole Kidman, a successful therapist and a wife to Jonathan Fraser(Hugh Grant) whose seemingly perfect life is thrown off balance by a sudden violent death, missing husband and a chain of revelations.

With a Star studded cast of Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, The Undoing delivers excellently on all ramifications. It is a compelling murder mystery, a story of betrayal, obsession and the subsequent unravelling of a family. The episodic suspense leaves you yawning for more at the end of every episode.

The Undoing: Series

The Undoing is a loose adaptation on a 2014 book titled “You Should Have Known” written by Hanff Korelitz. It is note worthy there are plenty of details and plot from the book that didn’t make it to the series. It is safe to say that viewers should expect an ending that is entirely different from the original book.

Aside from the plot and theme of a series, the fashion and costume aspect is one which i focus keenly on and the Undoing didn’t disappoint. The lead character Nicole Kidman’s coats, hair and makeup makes a huge statement all through the three episodes i have seen. The paintings in Grace Fracer’s father’s house is also a beauty to behold.


RoadKill: Series

BBC are back with another entertaining short series titled “RoadKill” which entails the story of a British Politician named Peter Laurence who rose through the ranks of life from selling furniture to real estates to becoming a member of Parliament. His position as a member of Parliament is being threatened by wrong doings he committed in the past which have been dug out by his antagonists.

This is a classic political thriller showcasing the ingredients that makes up what modern day politics and politicking entails. His public and private life seem to be falling apart in the first two episodes.

Image credit : BBC

He is shamelessly untroubled by guilt, temptations, walking a high wire between glory and doomsday. The series further enforces the golden of rule of politics which states ” There are no permanent friends nor enemies in politics except permanent interest”.

Emily In Paris

Emily In Paris: Series

Finally on my to watch list this week is the one and only Emily in Paris. It was released 5 weeks ago and it seems many are still skeptical on seeing it. Here is why you should see it

Emily in Paris focuses on the journey of Emily from Chicago to Paris. The perspective of the show centers on Emily finding a way to fit in a new environment, new job and new people who have an entire different background and culture from hers.

The struggle with loneliness, breakup and proving your worth to a boss who don’t give two heck about you. One significant theme about Emily in Paris is the constant addition social media has brought into branding and marketing. The show carefully highlights the huge role and contribution social media has added to the world.

The gorgeous Lily Collins played Emily and also produced the show. She tries not to bore us with the usual love storyline that comes with such plots. I like how she exploits the admirable work ethics of Emily, her transition from loneliness into having good friends in Cindy and Camile, her being caught with drawing a line between work and office/client romance. Her funny, charming facial reactions and tones was a signature for the drama.

Emily In Paris: Series

Finally, Emily in Paris’s cinematography is excellent. The camera angles and pictures carefully showcased some of the beautiful places in Paris. An extra kudos to the costume department. Paris is known as one of the fashion hubs of the world and it was vivid in the costume of every cast member.

For series banter, gists and more, follow on twitter @TheOluwafemi__ and let’s catch cruise together. See you next week.

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