Top Netflix, HboMax Tv Shows/Movies to binge—watch on this weekend

There are three categories of TV shows/movies viewers: Those who take weeks to complete a tv show, those who skip a TV series after 1-3 episodes into it and those who like the feeling of completing an entire show in a day or two. The purpose of this carefully selected TV shows recommendations from the movies department of is to relieve you of the stress that accompanies selecting the right shows or skipping a series after few hours into it.

The weekend Buzz: Series Edition


Image: Netflix

Drama, love, Romance, Mystery, Suspence, Scandal, Sex, Comedy.. Bridgeton has it all in stock from Episode 1-8. The show is a loose adaptation of Julia Quinn’s Bridgeton novel series set in London during the regency era in the 1800’s. Bridgeton is all about the struggles of families in the regency era who are trying to matchmake their daughters with potential husbands irrespective of the daughter’s approval or not. The twists and turns of the plot makes it a very interesting watch for viewers.

Image: @BridgetonOnNetflix

The chemistry between the characters especially between the leads (Duke and Daphne) was beautiful, watching it feels like you were in the series. Shonda Rhimes who is notorious for her strong diversity in characters didn’t disappoint in Bridgeton. In fact, the Duke’s handsome and physical features has set social media agog. He is currently a fan’s favourite and has been touted by many to play James Bond in the future *chuckles*The Tv show also strongly addressed societal issues such as Race, Feminism and Sexuality. There were inter racial couples who lived happily despite their skin colour all through. I can’t ignore the cinematography, costume and Lady whistledown’s impeccable narrative skills.


There is a myth that Tv shows made in another language other than English are more enjoyable and thrilling when you see them in that language along with English subtitles. That myth is absolutely correct about Lupin, you can easily relate better to the actors facial expressions and gesticulations even if you don’t understand the French language being said.

The Netflix French tv show was inspired by Maurice Le Blanc’s book titled “Arsene Lupin”. Lupin showcases the extraordinary adventures of gentlemen burglar Arsene(Omar Sy) whose wrong actions were justified to be ethically right for the greater good. The storyline is one which you have seen before in Hollywood although the sheer brilliance of Omar Sy makes it a captivating watch from the very first episode. The action scenes shares similarities with “The Italian Job”, “Ocean’s Eleven” or any heist movie you have scene. One distinguished factor about the series is how every throwback/flashback scenes enlaced the happenings of the current, the interwoven scenes didn’t create room for obvious plot holes. Lupin is currently the most watched non English Netflix show this year. It has 6 episodes and you can binge watch all in less than 6 hours.

Locked Down

Image: @HboMax

Drama, Heartbreak, deceit, heist sums up Lockdown. As the world gradually battle the second global wave of Covid-19, “Locked Down” taps into the social complexities the world has been forced to accept after it was struck with the pandemic. The movie biggest theme focuses on how Covid-19 has shaped the way families, couples live and interact, the shortage of groceries, toilet paper hoarding etc . Emphasis was also laid on the new reality the cooperate world was forced to accept with reference to zoom calls. Linda(Anne Hathaway) and Paxton(Chiwetol Ejiofor) are a married London couple who are going through a breakup but are forced to live together because of the sudden pandemic.

Anne Hathaway and Ejiofor carried the movie on their shoulders, the dialogue and synergy was superb. Can i steal Anne Hathaway’s wardrobe? Every of her outfit exemplified the boss lady that she is. The 2 hour movie is slow paced, bulk of the movie focused on unravelling why and how Julia and Paxton fell apart in their 10 year relationship. Will they make up? Or break up? What motivated the heist? You have to binge-watch it on HBOmax to find out.

How to Ruin Christmas

So you are pondering, what kind of a series title is this, why do they want to ruin Christmas for themselves? I had that same feeling before i saw the three episodes show on Christmas day from Netflix South Africa . Tumi who is the black sheep of the family is returning home from Christmas after a long while for her younger sister’s wedding ceremony to one of the richest families in South Africa. Tumi’s actions pre and after Christmas eventually had a huge influence on the wedding ceremony. The show is packed with comedy, infidelity, family issues and love. I personally enjoy how South African influenced their language and culture all through the series. You will definitely enjoy this.

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