Vibes and inshallah EP Review : A Proper Lifestyle Tape

The street has been set agog for the last few days since the Alaga Ibile himself aka Reminisce dropped his EP titled “Vibes and Inshallah”. The 6 track tape is Oja daddy’s first ever EP, which has been greeted by numerous buzz on social media, massive airplays on radio and it is the 2nd most streamed album on Audiomack this week.

Football fans on twitter would be accustomed to the banter term “cross/vibes and inshallah” because of a certain EPL club. Baba Hafusa who supports the Gunners faithfully did an incredible job in giving the young guy who works in a multinational or the danfo driver a proper lifestyle EP that they can relate to despite the difference in professions.

Vibes and Inshallah is a proper lifestyle tape that has something in stock for everyone who listens to it irrespective of their gender, societal status or political views. Reminisce touched on his experience of multitasking as a father, husband and an artiste, football, beautiful ladies, politics etc

Vibes and inshallah EP

With just 2 artistes featured in this body of work, Reminisce is relaxed and chilled all through the EP, spitting rhymes and streets slang for fans to add to their street dictionary. One key aspect of Alaga Ibile’s music is the artistry that accompanies the intro of his songs, the subtle but deep voice that introduces every track is an eye candy that captivates the listener ears and mind, you’re forced to pay close attention to what the track entails.

Vibes and inshallah EP

Daddy daddy why do you record, why do you have to make music

The EP begins with a conversation between Reminisce and his daughters. You can guess they want some fun time with dad but he has to work/record, that is where the money for school fees and their welfare comes from. Most working parents can relate accurately to the VIBES track

Gbedu wey dey travel without Visa, Gbedu wey dey change Amala to pizza

Vibes and inshallah EP

Gbedu track has the proper Fela’s afrobeats vibes. It’s a feel good song, one that the street can dance to in the clubs, parties. It has so much slang and rhymes that can become the new street lingua franca.

No more corny corny, let me talk my shit

Jogodo is a sensitive yet relaxed song that Reminisce addresses a lot of issues. First, he set the record straights concerning folks who disrespects his style of rap, also he advices everyone to appreciate their God given physique and talents. Finally, he went in hard on religious leaders and politicians, he wants them to be more responsible with the platforms they hold. The chorus is catchy, one that easily sticks to your lips.

Fireboy who is the most streamed Nigeria artiste for the last 8 months totally killed the hook on OGARANYA, their combo is set to be the biggest song out of this EP. Reminisce really gave the fans a proper club banger in OGARANYA. If there were no Covid-19, this song will sell out clubs, events, shows.

The melodious and calming voice of Tiwa Savage brought a fresh vibe to EJA OSAN. Oja daddy who is known for adoring and appreciating beautiful and curvy women in most of his songs left nothing to hide in this track.

A twitter user tweeting the lyrics of OVER 2.5

The last track OVER 2.5 should be the adopted anthem for every punter out there. Reminisce is likely to pen endorsements deals from betting and sporting companies because of OVER 2.5. His detailed analysis of how football betting and banter works is exciting, how he managed to turn twitter football bants into a song is admirable and applaudable.


Vibes and Inshallah is an EP that will resonate with the feelings of anyone who listens especially in this pandemic we all find ourselves. Reminisce delivered a quality body of work with a mixture of street rap, dance tunes and afrobeats

Jogodo, Ogaranya and Over 2.5 seem like the favored tracks which will do amazingly well for Alaga Ibile.

Here is the link to buy or stream Vibes and inshallah.

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