What Millennials Really Care About in a Workplace

What Millennials Really Care About in a Workplace

Millennials are likely the most dissected generation of all time due to the fact that they are ethically diverse, less religious and sentimental than past generations. They also make up of 35% of global workforce. Research also shows that they work as hard if not harder than other generations and are very optimistic, open minded about their careers. This begs the question what do Millennials really look forward to in an enabling workplace, what attracts them to function for a particular company?

Below are relatively accurate answers that tries to solve the puzzle

Job flexibility – is arguably the foremost factor Millennials consider before accepting a job offer of an organisation. There is a growing number of Millennials clamoring for the work from home mode which many perceive to be cheaper, more convenient which aids better productivity and effective fulfillment of your job descriptions. Also They want to know if there are basic benefits like paid leave, health insurance, life insurance and the likes attached to the job offer.

In as much as the company is driven by KPI (Key Performance Index), the undying urge to make profit, Millennials have been proven according to research that they care about societal issues and causes greater than themselves. All through the interview process, learn about what they are passionate about, find methods to channel that into the working environment. Make them aware of your company’s cooperate social responsibility, help them chase a passion that supports your business and customers

Don’t box them – One continuous mistake the older generation keep making is boxing Millennials into a corner. They are more concerned about the purpose of things than the labels involved simply because they can cross geographical, socio-economic and other obstacles to achieve tangible results for the company

Because of their open mindedness and the zeal to look for better ways to achieve their goals, Millennials always seek that you must understand who they are beyond the scope of their JD (Job Descriptions) LinkedIn is their go to platform when job hunting. They prefer practical, sensible and logical action to achieve results over ideology, religious and polarization. Their strengths, talents must be infused for them to function effectively. Work life and social life must be balanced. Keeping them beyond working hours is a no.

Welfare and Values – a worker who is being valued and rewarded for being effective and productive is one who will continually keep giving their best to the company. There is a high level of confidence on the part of the groups of Millennial whose welfare, mental and psychological aspect is paramount to the boss, he has a sense of belonging. Field trips, hangouts and get together are well appreciated.

Job security and a better financial package can’t be exhausted. This also is a critical criteria for Millennials seeking for employment opportunities in a workplace.

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