Zidane: The Battle for Survival as Madrid’s Manager

Real madrid’s manager Zinedine Zidane who was behind their imperious form that fueled their laliga 2019/20 title win is going through one of his roughest times as Madrid’s manager as he battle for Survival. All that sweet tales of being the overwhelming favourites to win the league have recently gone sour for Zinedine Zidane and his boys who are currently playing second fiddle to Atleti and also fighting against being eliminated from the group stage of the UCL for the very first time in their history.

Zinedine Zidane who has never being sacked as a top flight football manager before might just join the long list of coaches who have been axed by Madrid if results don’t go from bad to good.

What Went Wrong for RealMadrid and Zinedine Zidane ?

Zinedine Zidane Battle for Survival
Zidane kissing Madrid’s la liga title

Although it’s difficult to pin point the actual cause of Madrid’s atrocious dip in form which started after grabbing all three points in the first El Clasico installment at Barçelona on 24/10/2020. Football Enthusiast who also double as a Madridista Adediran Adeniran @Sorefunmi opines that the Frenchman has been unlucky.

Zidane has been unlucky with Player’s form, although a large part of this is his fault. Overdependence on a set of players and inability to tweak the system to suit the new crop of players has put him between the devil and the deep blue sea

In addition @Unclesamad_ who is a sports writer and a strong Cule think ” Zidane’s decision not to sign players, the hope that the players returning from successful loan spells would be enough hasn’t materialised, especially as Zidane seemingly doesn’t have any radical or malleable tactics that can adjust to players with low quality cap “.

The injury woes of important players like Ramos, Hazard, Carvajal, Valverde have also hip much pressure on the tactician. However, Zinedine Zidane’s La Liga winning defense which was arguably one of the best in Europe last season have conceded 5 penalties in the last 5 la liga games.

To put it clearly, Madrid has conceded a whooping 12 goals in 10 laliga games and 9 goals in 5 UCL games. What makes the stat more damaging is the fact that they are not scoring much goals to cancel the chaos in defense.

What is the way forward for Zidane?

How Can Zinedine Zidane Change His Managerial fortunes for good?

Zinedine Zidane Battle for Survival

Poet and Sports Journalist, Noah Adebanjo strongly feel Since ZZ is being exposed by a couple of players who would grind out results, no matter the cost or situation. He is condemned to try out new stuff with the team.

@Sorefunmi also resonates with Noah’s thoughts.

Zidane need to start integrating players who are interested in the game, he also need to improve on his own man management skills. Players like Jovic, Vinicius, Rodrygo, Ødegaard are the future of the club, start making them feel important by showing interest in their development.

Zidane’s rigid tactics of wingers crossing the ball to the no.9 has been countered by his opponents.

Also Madrid need to start playing more forward passes than the usual side passes like Ole’s United. They have to start creating multiple chances if they are serious about change. The intensity behind the ball from the midfield to the forwards is zero and lackluster. Players have to be deliberate and intentional about every move.

With the result of yesterday’s emergency meeting, there are signs that the players, Captain Ramos and Don Perez still have huge faith (though, whenever the board shows the dreaded vote of confidence in coaches, it never ends well) in Zinedine Zidane as the manager of Madrid. IF he survives till January, he is condemned to buy in January to have any hope of battling Atléti or the inconsistent Barça for the laliga title.

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